Human Trafficking
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Research Projects on Human Trafficking and Related Topics

  • Project on An Experimental and Integrative Analysis of North Korean Refugees' Gender and Ethnic Identities, financed by the Academy of Korean Studies (2019, Project leader: Seo-Young Cho)
  • Project on Irregular Flow of Female Migrants: an Interdisciplinary & Cross-country Study (2016-2017, financed by the German Academic Exchange Service/DAAD Australia-Germany Research Cooperation Scheme, Co-project leader: Seo-Young Cho, in collaboration with Dr. Natalia Szablewska, Southern Cross University, Australia)
  • European Commission Tender: Study on Prevention Initiatives on Trafficking in Human beings (2014-2015, Consultant: Seo-Young Cho)
  • EU-Project on Tools for the Validation and Utilisation of EU Statistics on Human Trafficking (2012-2014, Project leader: Tilburg University, Consultant: Seo-Young Cho)


Source of the Map: Cho, Seo-Young, Human Trafficking, Germany only Average when it comes to Protecting Victims, DIW Economic Bulletin vol. 2, Nov. 2012 


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